Our Top Pick:  DropBox

Key Highlights:  If you still carry around a USB drive or email yourself files, you are living in the dark age!  DropBox provides a much easier way of managing and backing up your stuff.  DropBox continuously (and automatically) synchronizes your files across multiple computers, allowing you to access them from anywhere, and from any device you’d like.  DropBox’s easy-to-use interface works for PC, Mac, and Linux users.  This service is perfect for individuals AND growing businesses who need “location-independent” access to their files.  DropBox’s sharing and collaboration tools are unrivaled. After using DropBox, we’ve found that it is the most intuitive and usable service on the market, and the reason why we give DropBox our number 1 rating.

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Reliable sync function
Support for all platforms
Superior usability and sharing

Static drop folder for syncing

2GB Free - unlimited
50 GB - $9.99/mo or $99/year
100GB - $19.99/mo or $199/year

Windows XP and Vista, Mac OSX, Linux



“Their product rocks!  It now has over 1 million members ..and 25% growth month over month”

     -TechCrunch.com, April 24, 2009


“Promising new tool for online storage, file sync, and sharing”

     -Jason Lowensohn, CNET, March 11, 2009

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About DropBox

DropBox is ideal for those who currently work on multiple computers or, at multiple locations.  It’s also highly convenient for those of you tired of carrying around a USB drive, or emailing yourself files from work or home.  DropBox provides a much easier way of managing and backing up your stuff.  

DropBox synchronizes and backs up your files automatically.  Whenever something within the DropBox folder is changed, it changes everywhere else too. 

DropBox has an easy to access Web interface to access files if you have not yet installed DropBox on different devices.  The mobile website looks great on the iPhone and apparently the official DropBox iPhone App is almost finished.

Aside from DropBox’s superior usability, its next biggest strength is probably its feature for sharing and collaboration.  Anything in the “Public” folder has a URL associated with it.  You can post this URL in an IM window, email, or blog post for anyone else to access.  You can also share entire folders simply by entering the email of a recipient, allowing everyone to collaborate on, and add documents to, the same folder.

DropBox’s photo sharing feature is also highly convenient.  You can create entire photo albums simply by placing them in Dropbox’s photo folder.  Everything in this folder has a private web address that you can share with friends.

When Syncing, DropBox only updates the changes to a file, saving on bandwidth and syncing time, making the sync process quick and convenient.

DropBox also has a unique feature called Versioning.  Versioning allows you to access any version of a file whether saved or deleted, and restore that file if necessary.

DropBox allows you to sync across any computer and any platform with no limitations, including Windows (XP and Vista), Mac, and Linux.

DropBox Demonstration Video:

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