Our Top Pick:  Evernote 

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In a fast-paced society, it can be extremely difficult to track everything that needs to be done in an efficient manner.  While some individuals still place sticky notes on the refrigerator others are keeping up with the ever-advancing world by utilizing computer and mobile applications for convenience and increased functionality.  With features of programs like EverNote, individuals can remember everything and create a centralized resources for all of their ideas.  While each program in the Note Taking Application market has their own benefits and disadvantages, we found Evernote to be superior based on 3 standards:  Overall Usability, Price, and Ubiquity.

Usability:  Evernote is SMOOTH.  All tasks are intuitive, minimizing frustrations.

Price:  Evernote is free with a 40MB upload limit per month and then it is $45/year after that with a 500MB upload limit per month.

Ubiquity:  Evernote covers virtually every platform you might need for both computers and mobile, including:  Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre/Pixi, AND Windows Mobile

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