GoToMeeting or DimDim?

GoToMeeting vs DimDim Review
This article is a basic review of DimDim vs GoToMeeting. First things first, GoToMeeting is a highly popular tool for web conferencing. Essentially, it offers a highly secure method of sharing workspaces and desktops between attendees and organizers. Other than GoToMeeting's basic version, be aware that GoToMeeting has a lot more advanced and better versions. One of these features include a Webinar service which allows an organizer to manage Webinar sessions even for a thousand attendees. Basically, GoToMeeting's basic version costs $49 each month. Take note that there are also options available to allow you to save as much as 20% if you prefer a yearly payment scheme.

Meanwhile, DimDim is a GoToMeeting-open-source-alternative. Due to it being open source, DimDim therefore is free and ready for use by twenty members. A few of DimDim's impressive features include the opportunity to produce a whiteboard wherein ideas could be easily shared among all the attendees. Also, DimDim provides users the option to purchase a DimDim Pro version at $19 each month as well as an opportunity to have limitless meetings for a maximum of fifty people. Other features of the DimDim Pro include a Webinar widget which allows users to share meetings on 3rd party sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

All in all, should you choose GoToMeeting or DimDim? Be aware that both products very much cater to the various needs and wants of customers. Still, GoToMeeting is the best due to its highly intuitive user interface. Essentially, there is no learning curve one needs to hurdle with GoToMeeting. However, affordability is DimDim's useful feature. It is also an ideal product for those who are on a tight budget.

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