GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting Review
Review of GoToMeeting:  GoToMeeting is now a well known web conferencing software.  We found GoToMeeting's installation process to be seamless and stress free.  We also found the software to be very reliable.  Not one of our meetings ever "dropped" or cut out.  If you've used web conferencing software before, you know this can be an issue.  In general, we found GoToMeeting to be of the highest quality in the industry.  We have listed specifications, including GoToMeeting's price, benefits and disadvantages, below.  Like all software we review on this site, we recommend trying it out first before deciding to purchase.  

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GoToMeeting Specifications

GoToMeeting Review

30 Day Free Trial
$468/year (saves you 20%)


Records meetings so you can review them at a later date
Simple signup and installation
30 Day Free Trial
Can be purchased at an affordable price

Does not run on Linux
No conferencing via SmartPhone yet

Mac and Windows



“Slick Ad Hoc Collaboration”



“The best interface in Web Conferencing”


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