Evernote vs SpringPad

Evernote vs SpringPad Review
This is a battle between two very similar products. Both are information saving and organizing applications capable of storing and sorting through pictures, media, bookmarks, clipped websites and all kinds of other material. They are also both able to transfer stored data between different computers and mobile devices, and they are both capable of publishing notes, links, and pictures to social networking sites, such as twitter and facebook. However, what matters in this comparison are the subtle differences between the two products.
Firstly, there is difference in price. Evernote makes a free version of their service available, but for full functionality, there is a slight monthly fee. Free users are limited to uploads of no more than 40MB every month. For some users, this may not be a drawback, but for users interested in uploading large Word documents, PowerPoint slide-shows, or other bulky files, the 40MB limit would be a problem. Springpad, however, is completely free because it is supported by advertising revenue, which can be a drawback for Springpad if one is too terribly annoyed by advertisements.

While both applications store information, they do so in slightly different ways. Springpad analyzes the stored information and provides other relevant links based on that information. For example, a web page clipping related to a particular movie will result in Springpad bringing up theater show times, reviews, or relevant products on Amazon. Springpad simply stores the information making it available for searching through later. It does, however, provide one immensely helpful feature. It uses optical character recognition to scan PDFs and photos and it indexes any text that it finds, making these files searchable based on the text used in them.

Both products overlap immensely and it can be difficult to determine which one is the better overall program. As such, the decision between them comes down to what the user needs and expects from such a program. Evernote is a more effective organizing tool, but Springpad is a completely free service that also provides interesting related information to data that has already been stored.