Evernote vs Onenote

Evernote vs OneNote Review
The main difference between Evernote and OneNote is the platforms they cover.  OneNote is a commercial Microsoft product so it only works with Windows products.  If you want to use OneNote on your mobile device, you need Windows Mobile.

Evernote on the other hand, covers a broad array of computer and mobile platforms,  including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre/Pixi, AND Windows Mobile.  If you use any non-Windows devices, Evernote is your best bet.  If you are a diehard Microsoft fan, OneNote is a great deal, especially because it now comes included in any Microsoft Office Suite after 2010.

Price is the other main differentiator.  Evernote is free up to 40MB a month.  OneNote is free if you buy a Microsoft Office Suite.  The premium models for each are a little different though.  Evernote is $45 dollars per year, which gives you 500MB of upload spacer per month.  OneNote costs $100 per license.  

In terms of overall functionality, the difference is minimal.  Both have good OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functions which seem to be the craze lately.  We personally found overall usability and incorporation of Web 2.0 features to be more enjoyable than OneNote's.  But don't take our word for it, try Evernote yourself.  We've listed the specific pros and cons of each service below.


Evernote vs OneNote Comparison


Takes advantage of Web 2.0 features
Syncs across virtually any machine/platform (mobile apps, etc.)
Reliable optical character recognition
(for translating handwriting or text in pictures into searchable notes)

Free version only syncs: images, audio, ink, and pdf file types

Free - 40MB Monthly Upload Allowance (what does this mean?)
Premium - 500MB Monthly Upload Allowance.  Can upload any file type.
  • $5/month
  • $45/year  (save 25%)


  • Computer - Web Clipper, Windows, Mac OS X
  • Mobile - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre/Pixi, Windows Mobile




Comes included with new versions of Microsoft Office
User friendly
Optical character recognition
(for translating handwriting or text in pictures into searchable notes)

Sync functions are not up to industry standard
Does not sync across multiple platforms
Only supports windows mobile platforms

Included in New Versions (2010 and later) of Microsoft Office
$100 for a license

Commercial Windows Software