Evernote Review

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Evernote, while it does have similar features to its competition, definitely stands above the rest.  By creating an account online and downloading the free application, you can log in and synchronize your files quickly.  Taking advantage of many web 2.0 features, Evernote is centered on a web interface and is easy to update and synchronize with other computers and mobile devices.  Backed by web files, your reminders and notes are kept safe and protected and can be accessed from virtually anywhere. 

We found Evernote to be superior in based on three standards:  Ease of Use, Pricing, and Ubiquity

Ease of Use:  Evernote is SMOOTH.  All tasks are intuitive minimizing frustrations.

Price:  Evernote is free with a 40MB upload limit per month and then it is $45/year after that with a 500MB upload limit per month.

Ubiquity:  Evernote covers virtually every platform you might need for both computers and mobile, including:  Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre/Pixi, AND Windows Mobile

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We have listed more advantages and disadvantages of Evernote below:


Evernote vs OneNote Comparison


Takes advantage of Web 2.0 features
Syncs across virtually any machine/platform (mobile apps, etc.)
Reliable optical character recognition
(for translating handwriting or text in pictures into searchable notes)

Free version only syncs: images, audio, ink, and pdf file types

Free - 40MB Monthly Upload Allowance (what does this mean?)
Premium - 500MB Monthly Upload Allowance.  Can upload any file type.
  • $5/month
  • $45/year  (save 25%)


  • Computer - Web Clipper, Windows, Mac OS X
  • Mobile - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre/Pixi, Windows Mobile