DropBox vs. SugarSync vs. Syncplicity:

DropBox or SugarSync or Syncplicity?
SugarSync vs. DropBox vs. Syncplicity:  It is very rare to have three online services so similar in quality AND pricing.  DropBox, SugarSync, and Syncplicity all represent continuous and real-time backup across multiple machines. You also get file sharing, versioning [seeing previous versions of your files], and web access to your files.  In the end we chose DropBox as our #1 file syncing service.  We had some difficulties with both SugarSync and Syncplicity, but we were thrilled with DropBox’s simple interface and superior usability.  So if you need to have access to the same updated files no matter where you are, or which machine you are using, then DropBox is our #1 recommendation.

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