DropBox or SugarSync or Syncplicity?

SugarSync vs. DropBox vs. Syncplicity:  It is very rare to have three online services so similar in price and quality.  DropBox, SugarSync, and Syncplicity all represent continuous and real-time backup across multiple machines.  You also get file sharing, versioning [seeing previous versions of your files], and web access to your files.  In our opinion these are the three leading file syncing services.  

We found DropBox to be superior in 3 main areas:  
•    Accurate and reliable syncing,
•    Sharing and Collaboration, and
•    Usability.  
Because the pricing structures for each service are nearly identical, it is for these reasons that DropBox is the most bang for your buck.

SugarSync is probably next in line in terms of usability and intuitiveness.  However, we had some issues with files falling out of sync with this service.  Aside from sharing photos, SugarSync's sharing and collaboration features were sub par.

We rank Syncplicity 3rd because it was not as intuitive as Dropbox or SugarSync.  We also had problems with the sync queue getting clogged up because it was syncing the same file over and over.  These files tended to be random files that we never touched that clogged it.  Their tech support was not very helpful with this issue.

In the end, we chose DropBox as our #1 file syncing service.  We were thrilled with DropBox’s reliable syncing, simple interface and superior usability.  So, if you need to have access to the same updated files no matter where you are, or which machine you are using, then DropBox is our #1 recommendation.

#1 DropBox


Reliable sync function
Support for all platforms
Superior usability and sharing

Static drop folder for syncing

2GB Free - unlimited
50 GB - $9.99/mo or $99/year
100GB - $19.99/mo or $199/year

Windows XP and Vista, Mac OSX, Linux

Try DropBox

#2 SugarSync



Great for photo sharing
Mobile apps for: iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

Issues with falling out of sync
Collaboration/sharing tool falls short in comparison

2GB Free - limited to 2 computers; slower upload speed
30 day free trial
30GB - $4.99/mo or $49.99/year
60GB - $9.99/mo or $99.99/year
100GB - $14.99/mo or $149.99/year
250GB - $24.99/mo or $249.99/year

Windows XP and Vista, Mac OSX

Try SugarSync

#3 Syncplicity


Integration with Facebook and Google docs
Good “Versioning” feature

Issues with Sync queue getting clogged
No Mac Support

2GB free - limited to 2 computers
No Free Trial
50GB - $9.99/mo or $99/year
50GB additions - $9.99/month or $99/year for each addition

Windows XP and Vista.  No Mac Support

Try Syncplicity