Syncplicity vs. DropBox:  It is rare to find two online services that are so similar in quality and pricing.  DropBox and Syncplicity both allow automatic backup across multiple machines.  They also throw in web access to your files, file sharing, and “versioning” as added benefits.  In the end, we chose DropBox as our #1 file syncing service because of its ease of use.  Syncplicity tended to be complicated at times, however we were delighted with DropBox’s ease of use from start to finish.  So if you want to harmonize your files across multiple machines and access them from anywhere, then DropBox is our #1 recommendation.


We found DropBox to be superior in terms of reliable synchronization, ease-of-use, and sharing and collaboration.
Because the pricing structures of these two services are the same, we found that DropBox is the better deal.

We found that Syncplicity would often try to sync the same file over and over again, which would clog the syncing queue.  The worst part about this was that the files that clogged it, were files that we never touched.  We hope they have fixed this problem.  However, we found that Syncplicity was not as intuitive as DropBox.


Reliable sync function
Support for all platforms
Superior usability and sharing

Static drop folder for syncing

2GB Free - unlimited
50 GB - $9.99/mo or $99/year
100GB - $19.99/mo or $199/year

Windows XP and Vista, Mac OSX, Linux



Integration with Facebook and Google docs
Good “Versioning” feature

Issues with Sync queue getting clogged
No Mac Support

2GB free - limited to 2 computers
No Free Trial
50GB - $9.99/mo or $99/year
50GB additions - $9.99/month or $99/year for each addition

Windows XP and Vista.  No Mac Support

9/17/2010 01:53:59 pm

I like Syncplicity because syncing of folders is very easy. Edited files appears to all synced computers in an instant. That's so cool!

10/17/2010 08:44:24 pm

Anyone interested in tryng dropbox, if you sign up with the following link we will both get an additional 500 Mb space on top of the free 2Gb


Another benefit of dropbox is the support for mobile devices (blackberry, iphone), via web access or dedicated applications

11/8/2010 12:19:59 pm

As a semi-retired operating room nurse, mother of five, grandmother of 18, oft times computer challenged...yet I am the family genealogist...I love Syncplicity..

Just ease of syncing pc and netbook..best product for those like me.

3/28/2011 03:43:48 pm

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2/14/2012 08:00:57 am

"Static drop folder for syncing" makes it almost useless. It also doesn't follow "junctions" in Windows when auto-syncing.
These two problems unable the users to organize proper directory structure.
-1 for Dropbox
+1 for Syncplicity

6/25/2012 11:47:40 am

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