RingCentral provides a reliable internet fax and virtual phone system perfect for a home or virtual office.  RingCentral is perfect for those interested in greening their office or sending faxes through email.  RingCentral is quite plainly THE solution for multi-location or virtual businesses.

30 Day Free Trial
Superior usability
Unlimited monthly minutes on Small Biz and Corporate plans

Small Biz and Corporate Plans are a bit pricey

Professional - $9.99/mo
Small Business - $49.99/mo
Corporate - $99.99/mo


Integration with Facebook and Google docs
Good “Versioning” feature

Issues with Sync queue getting clogged
No Mac Support

2GB free - limited to 2 computers
No Free Trial
50GB - $9.99/mo or $99/year
50GB additions - $9.99/month or $99/year for each addition

Windows XP and Vista.  No Mac Support

Syncplicity vs. DropBox:  It is rare to find two online services that are so similar in quality and pricing.  DropBox and Syncplicity both allow automatic backup across multiple machines.  They also throw in web access to your files, file sharing, and “versioning” as added benefits.  In the end, we chose DropBox as our #1 file syncing service because of its ease of use.  Syncplicity tended to be complicated at times, however we were delighted with DropBox’s ease of use from start to finish.  So if you want to harmonize your files across multiple machines and access them from anywhere, then DropBox is our #1 recommendation.


Mozy is an online backup instrument that allows both Windows and Mac users to back up their data to an off-site server. MozyHome is for individuals and MozyPro is a backup utility for businesses.  

With the free version of Mozy, a user can back up as much as 2 GB of data from up to two computers.  If you refer others to Mozy, you get an additional 0.25 GB of storage space.  The paid version allows unlimited backups from one computer.  Mozy has the ability to back up several types of files such as bookmarks, documents, and e-mails at once.


Cost effective
Simple online backup

Not for syncing across multiple machines
As you backup more computers, price increases significantly
Need to schedule your backups

2GB free
MozyHome - $4.95/mo per computer for unlimited storage
•    1 Year Subscription: $54.45
•    2 Year Subscription: $103.95
MozyPro  -
•    Desktop Licenses: $3.95 + $0.50/GB per month;
•    Server Licenses: $6.95 + $0.50/GB per month
•    *You will need one desktop license for each computer you are backing up and one server license for each server you are backing up

Windows and Mac

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