What is File Synchronization?

File Synchronization refers to the harmonization of files across different machines (your desktop vs. your laptop) and platforms (Mac vs. PC vs. Linux).  Currently, you may be using email to send yourself files or maybe you transport them via a USB drive.  You then might edit this file from a different location from a different machine, whether it’s your phone, or a different computer at work or school.   Keeping track of these files and making sure you have the most current version can be a royal headache.

Not anymore.  File synchronization is the process of making sure that files in two or more locations are updated.  Updated files are copied in each direction, with the purpose of keeping locations identical to each other.  This means that if you save a file on your home desktop computer, you can access the same version of the file from your laptop or mobile device when you are somewhere else.

File synchronization comes with two major benefits:

1)  Online Backup
2)  File Sharing

What is Online Backup?

Online Backup quite plainly refers to backing your files up online, in what many have deemed "the cloud".  Online backup protects your files from the bad things that can happen to them – whether someone spills coffee on your computer, your computer is stolen, or you accidentally delete a bunch of files.  Previously, outside of external hard drives, which are often subject to the same risk, there was virtually no way to protect against these dangers.

What is File Sharing?

File Sharing simply refers to sharing your files with others online.  With the web becoming more and more social every day, it is important to be able to share files with colleagues, friends, and family.  Until recently, file sharing was done by attaching a file to an email (or something similar) and sending it.  This often resulted in trouble because of slow upload speeds or limits on file attachment sizes implemented by email clients – not to mention the near impossibility of sending entire folders.

Each of these problems have been solved with File Synchronization and Online Backup technology. 

You have many options when selecting File Synchronization Services. To make your choice a bit easier, we’ve featured four of the leading File Synchronization and Online Backup vendors in this report.  Review these vendors and you’ll be on the way to Syncing, Sharing, and Backing up your files with ease.